is just that….


 Do you

Need a few credits to graduate,
Need a flexible schedule,
Want to graduate early,
Plan to get college credits before graduation

Or simply want to learn at your own pace,
Then this program is for you!

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The Program will consist of core academic curriculum and electives for high school credit called A+ ­ALS.  Students may enroll in one of our 4 hour blocks (7­11 AM or 11:30­3:30 PM Monday through Friday) with approval from the principal. Others may be assigned for credit recovery or used as an accelerated program to advance on credits.  Others may be in a hybrid schedule consisting of traditional classes and online classes during the school day.

All Students before enrolling will have to meet with the Principal to get permission to attend a four hour block of on­line curriculum –A+ ALS program for high school credit.

On-­Line Student Success Center Protocol

  • All students will be assigned no more than two classes at a time

  • All classes will be designated for credit according to their program of study and Arizona

  • Student Education & Career Action Plan (ECAP)

  • Classes in the computer lab will be monitored daily –with Daily Lesson Apples

  • Classes will be monitored weekly with work effort log

  • Students who do not produce “apples” assignments on a daily basis will be subject to an academic contract that if broken will be transferred to our traditional high school for their program of studies.

  •  If a student consistently does not produce 6 apples a day for continuous period of time (2 weeks) will be transferred to our traditional high school immediately.

  • Students will read and sign our Student Success Center usable contract and abide by the rules given by the school and teacher/s throughout the program.

  • Students are held to the same academic and attendance policy handed down and approved by the governing board at East Valley High School – Legacy Education Group.

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